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Bitcoin Ordinals Sub 1 Million Collection


The definition of a digital artifact is intended to reflect what NFTs should be, sometimes are, and what inscriptions always are, by their very nature.

Your Edge of Universe Ordinals are Digital Artifacts stored on Bitcoin Blockchain.  

These Ordinals will grant you access to Ordinal Universe Discord, and Perks like Airdrops and WL giveaways. Holders of this ordinal will also receive revenue share from the upcoming Sci Fi Book Edge Of Universe: Xander that will be published in the Near Future. These revenue share distributions will be airdropped to whoever holds the Ordinal indiscriminately so please take care of your Ordinals. 

Keep them in a safe Place. These are your Pass to Future Content Released by Ordinal Universe. 

Story of Xander

In the Year 3077

In the year 3077, humanity had made incredible advancements in technology, leading to the creation of a new breed of beings: half human, half machine.These cybernetic organisms, had abilities beyond those of ordinary humans and were tasked with exploring the farthest reaches of the universe in search of habitable planets.


Edge of Universe Ordinals are Available in all Ordinals Marketplaces

Bitcoin Ordinals?

Xander Created Ordinals to send back to his home planet Earth. Where humans could study the vastness of outer space through his eyes. There is a total of 111 Bitcoin Ordinals hidden on the Blockchain Inscriptions Start at #191906 → #596673

When Launch?

Now In Wave 2 Of Launch Buy While Supplies Last to mint, Join Discord and Open a Mint Ticket Mint Here

Price To Mint?

0.006 BTC 


We're an Art Project... But still we have some utility


There will be Physical, and Digital items claimable with your Ordinal.

111 holders will receive revenue share from a percentage of Book sales after Published.

Holders will receive airdrops and WL Spots.

Plethora Moons Web3 Cybersecurity tools and discounts will be available.

Discounts from our Affiliate sponsors and more.

Be apart of a Growing ecosystem and community that is friendly and helpful with alpha and tips for ordinal collectors.




Xander's body had been enhanced with the latest cybernetic technology, giving him immortality and the ability to withstand extreme conditions in Interstellar space

Xanders Proof of Work

Views of the Infinite Expanse

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Follow the Journey of Xander across the Galaxies to the Edge of the universe... Join our Discord Server

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